Freelance artist and illustrator currently living in Columbia, South Carolina. Whimsy and surrealism dominates my everyday art.
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Some awesome person got all of my Greek and roman gods prints! #greek #roman #illustration #etsy

Trying my hand at some line drawings again, with some painted on textured paper. Sigils are fun to work with. Check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/204255194/hand-drawn-house-sigil-for-geeks #got #illustration #geek #sigils

Been a busy weekend at the olde Etsy shoppe! #illustration #busybee

Some lucky person ordered the whole set of my planetary prints! #cosmos #art #science

Moving forward on some new home decor artwork. I’ll be showing some more soon!

Asker meri-dawn Asks:
Thanks for the follow! I love all the minimal movie posters! very cool
aaronscanvas aaronscanvas Said:

Thanks so much. Im glad you like them. Ive always loved astronomy myself, and finally decided to express that with a little planetary art!

Love these. Really makes me think of holy mountain by jodorofsky.

Part of a new series of posters centered around the Olympians, the Greek gods and their later Roman equivalents. Each god/goddess is painted and styled as a roman marble statue, with alabaster skin and draped in chiseled cloth. They rest within a heavenly sphere floating on a cloud textured background. Accompanying the god/goddess is an outlined item pertaining to the iconography or myth of each god.

This series mixes traditional oil painted media and digital typography in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Each print includes the illustration of the individual god, as well as its name, its Roman equivalent, and its area of expertise.

This print is for Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, and beauty, featured on a red background and clasping a clamshell.

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Artemis in progress, part of the upcoming Olympians series. Mostly the background and under-painting done so far, and plenty more gods to go!

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